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PINTA design
a lá taidekeittiö



I´m Annukka Mikkola Textile Artist, Designer and Art Teacher from Finland. I´ve designed print textiles for the kids and adults in industry and interior textiles of different technique: weaving, knitting,  crocheting, sewing, plaiting, embroidering for example. In these textile products have been different products, tapestries, rugs, blankets, bags, cloths, seats and room dividers. I also have made four books of textile design Mattojuttu (Edita 1998), Kirjokuvia (Edita 2000), Käsityön pikkujättiläinen (Wsoy 2006) and Mattoja monin tavoin (Wsoy 2016).

Member of Taideteollisuusliitto Ornamo, Taiteilijat O and Suomen Taiteilijaseura Muu ry. 



Human beings desire warmth and shelter. Sinking your fingers into the fluffy surface of a rug is like going back to your mother’s womb, the first secret hiding place (secret hut) of your childhood. The rug was originally used to bring shelter and warmth in cold, Northern boating of sleigh trips. They are no longer needed to keep us warm. And yet, we still freeze.

In animistic thinking, all objects have a soul; just as for a child, play is real. In order to keep each other warm and to create a better world to live in, I want to build a shelter from the wind and shelters for electric cables, tables, chairs – anything that might feel cold. Inside the painting, I want to paint a grainy surface to hide in. Too many have cold, and we know, that there aren’t enough shelters. The idea, that someone offers you a place to be significant, warms up and gives shelter.            

I like the evocative nature of textiles and paintings, as well as their ability to refract light. I’m attracted to their non-restricted or open form. I often work outside and final finishing of the shape of the artworks is reformed in wind and ice. Paint can dribble over the edge, individual pieces of string may seek out their own place. Even the sides of the paintings have their own role to play. All organic degradation and disappearing continuously defines the target for my personal artistic expression supporting my philosophy of arts.  By practical decomposition I would like to impugn and find some essential parts of life, art and humanity.

The material is not a limitation, neither is the technique. The material denies its limitations in the work – and within me. The frame is created by human limitations, which are drawn into infinity.


" Thinking about shape and color are essential to my design - stories, timelessness and classical style are important too. I put emphasizes on the materials and I often use recycled materials in my abstract artworks and also in my textile design. The same principles are employed in my art education projects which are often based on installations and on a social way of doing art. "  Annukka Mikkola